Creating positive conditions where diverse groups of colleagues, students or community members can acquire knowledge and build skills and capacities together can be challenging. And yet the capacity to work in collaboration to harness the collective resources of a group remains one of the most powerful and valuable forms of human activity. As technology and social change continue to affect our lives at an increasingly rapid rate, our ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate around shared goals is ever more important. 

I can help your program or organization identify areas of knowledge or skill that you want to grow or strengthen, with specific attention to supporting the integration of new material into practice. Workshops  focused on particular themes or skills can be good ways to introduce new ways of thinking, working, and being. They can activate an energy that’s ready to come into fruition and change the trajectory of a team and the people in it.  Here are some of the workshops I have delivered to strengthen groups: 

​-fundamentals of self-care

-body-based practices to improve health and relationships

-using the arts to expand individual and team capacity

-awareness training to improve well being and performance

-understanding the impact of trauma and violence and responding skillfully

-voice, attunement and improvisation: essential skills for life and work 

​Identifying and attaining longer term goals for sustained capacity building can be one of the most powerful and creative forms of leadership in an organization. I bring both clinical experience and managerial experience in a large, multi-program agency setting, so I can help you design and implement a training plan that addresses the human elements of learning and group dynamics within your organizational context. I believe groups work best when the people in them experience high quality connection to themselves and each other, and I am committed to creating those conditions in training settings and beyond. 


J has a special way of working with teams and managers that allowed them to confront and name the serious issues they encountered working with women who have been abused, while retaining a sense of optimism and hope for the women, themselves and the work. J helped people overcome some of the frustration and burnout that goes with this work by reaching deeply into themselves to find their compassion and skills. 

- Director, community & residential services 

​ J designed and delivered a training plan that helped our multi-disciplinary team acquire the skills to implement trauma-informed service delivery in a residential shelter setting. Our agency is committed to practicing from feminist and anti-oppression approaches, and J was able to integrate the trauma curriculum into our existing practice frameworks in ways that strengthened our understanding of what our clients are up against and supported us to become more skillful in our work with them and the systems they are involved in. 

​- Manager, shelter for women and children  

J helped our team build capacity to serve women and children fleeing violence who face multiple challenges. As the team clinical consultant, J designed and implemented a case consultation tool that supported our diverse staff to work collaboratively and effectively. Through regular practice as a team, we were able to identify and mobilize the strengths of our staff and the women we serve and reduce the dynamics of polarity and hopelessness that can easily make their way into the work. This simple tool remains a centerpiece of our practice as a team, and the impact of J’s consultation and coaching has been long-lasting. 

​- Manager, community agency