Therapy & Coaching

Talking about your experience, hopes and challenges can illuminate where you are and where you want to go. Therapy can help expand how you see yourself and view a horizon with more possibilities. At times when you may have tried on your own to bring about the change you desire, sharing this process with another can be helpful. Especially when you are working from a collaborative stance that considers you capable, worthy, and uniquely creative. 

Coaching focuses on setting goals and developing strategies and plans for attaining them. Whether you seek to improve your performance at work, develop and use skills to enhance personal relationships, or cultivate greater care for your health, family and community -- coaching can help you generate direction, build momentum, and achieve tangible results. I will support you to identify and mobilize the resources you have and the ones you need to create the life you seek. 

​Taking responsibility for your life and the changes you want to make requires both a willingness to let go of patterns of thinking and doing, and diligence in trying something new. Practice involves repetition with awareness, which inevitably leads to change. Identifying practices that support wellness, creativity, and connection to your self, others and your environment helps ground you in the practical activities of change and gives you a chance to see, feel, and measure it. We can explore the ways specific practices—whether they are activities you are already doing or new forms of movement, training, or creative expression—can support your change process.

I work with people

  • facing new challenges, like changes in family, health, or relationships 
  • seeking a new approach to familiar patterns that feel stuck, including habits related to worry, stress, and negative emotions ​
  • longing to answer a deeper calling to live more fully, including those exploring issues of identity, life purpose,  and healing