About Me

I work with individuals and groups to create sustainable human change. I apply my professional training and experience as a clinical social worker and my practice in a range of rigorous wisdom traditions to promote wellness and transformation in mind, body, and spirit. 

As a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, trainer, program manager and consultant in community agencies, I have: 

​- supported individuals dealing with the after-effects of trauma and violence, struggling with identity issues, and facing a range of life transitions 

- trained direct service workers and groups to build individual and team skills in relation to partner abuse and other forms of trauma 

- designed programs for residential and community-based group services grounded in innovative, capacity-oriented approaches, including body-based awareness practices, the arts, and peer support 

- collaborated with service sector leaders to address systemic barriers and challenges in services for women with complex trauma, mental health and substance use issues. 

​The life course that led to my current life and work in the Finger Lakes region of New York began in Kansas, in a family of doctors, farmers, and teachers. I moved early in life to Northern California, where I benefitted from a public school system that provided academic rigor as well as sports and music programs. I acquired an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies at Stanford University and for the next two decades went to work at jobs to make a social difference (journalism, non-profit fundraising, women-owned trades). During that time my community involvement included participation in local direct action political groups and creative expression through folk and rock performance groups. 

​Work and life commitments have taken me to Washington DC, Boston, Auckland, New Zealand, rural Virginia and Toronto, Canada. In mid-life I trained as a clinical social worker at Radford University and acquired expertise in areas of trauma and identity issues. I have additional training in specific therapeutic approaches, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), hypnotherapy, and narrative therapy, as well as work experience with eating disorders and life transition issues. My ongoing pursuit of physical, spiritual and creative development led to training in martial arts, zen, poetry and vocal improvisation, which in turn influenced my clinical work in community settings. Based on my professional training and experience, and my own pursuit of growth and wellbeing, I  offer individuals and groups an integrated approach to change. In conversation, and through expressive arts, body-awareness practices and other experiential modalities I seek to create conditions for healing and change at individual, group and community levels. A central belief in my professional and personal practice is that the quality of our connections to our selves and to others determine our wellbeing and our ability to pursue life goals with joy and purpose.


J is open, receptive, compassionate. A leader who is able to take very complex ideas and distill them down, a teacher who understands the dual role of student and master and holds them both with integrity; a healer who is able to fill a room with a presence that allows others to shine.

​ - ​Residential Program Manager

​J nurtures growth in places of improbability, transforms rigid spaces into gardens of connection, ignites our passions to live our lives wholeheartedly.

​  - Expressive Arts Therapist