J McKnight, LCSW

​​Please contact me to create the change you seek.

When you seek to grow, to heal, to move forward with direction and purpose, I offer clarity and compassion. I will work with you to create sustainable change in your life. Through an integrated approach that includes your whole human being and your environment, we will name your goals for our work together, identify the resources you need, and take steps to bring your life course into alignment with your vision.  

For organizations or groups seeking to work together with more power and ease, I offer training to build individual and group skills to harness collaboration, creativity, and leadership in the service of shared goals. 

​My commitment to ongoing professional and personal development includes training and practice that have given me direct experience of what it takes to create change and cultivate wellbeing. These include Eastern philosophical and martial arts traditions (rinzai zen, qi gong, taiji chuan) that focus on developing states of relaxed concentration and integration of mind and body, and creative arts forms (music, vocal improvisation, poetry) that tap unique resources to transform habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Along with my training and experience in a range of therapeutic approaches, I will bring the principles and spirit of these powerful wisdom traditions to our work and in service to your goals. 


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J McKnight, LCSW

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